Thursday 9th May 2019

This is a debatable subject, at Stark Therapy we will not guarantee pain free waxing. Why? Firstly because we are honest and secondly is because all of our clients are individuals and as individuals we all have very different pain thresholds. There are several factors to consider when asking this question such as your well being, the experience of the therapist, if you are on medication or feeling under the weather, the products being used or if you are fatigued or about to start your menstrual cycle, these are just a few.

Some body areas are more sensitive than others such as under the arms and intimate areas. We have some clients who report that they do not feel a thing and express that it is pain free, others state that their waxing treatments are therapeutic and some do experience discomfort and describe it as a similar sensation to a quick snap of a ruler that lasts for a couple of seconds and then dissapears but the results outweigh the pain by far and our clients return for regular treatments.

What we do guarantee at Stark is to give you the most comfortable waxing treatment that you can experience. We do this by using our professionalism and expertise whilst using the highest quality of waxing products from Outback Organics. These premium products are Vegan friendly and contain organic ingredients that have been specifically designed to cleanse, soothe and calm the skin for pre and post waxing.